Good tire maintenance can quite literally be a matter of life and death. Keeping tires for too long can seriously reduce your safety, and that of your passengers. It is therefore vital that you check your tires regularly to ensure that they have sufficient tread to drive on safely. Tire World Exports explains the easiest way to do this with a simple check that any motorist should know how to do.

Stay Safe by Checking Your Tire Wear Bars

Staying safe on the road means having tires with sufficient tread to grip the road and ensure that you can maintain control of your vehicle. One of your most important tasks as a vehicle owner is therefore to check the wear on your tires and determine whether they can still carry you for a while before needing to be replaced. To help you do this, tire manufacturers place wear bars on their tires so that you can measure the state of the tread. Let’s take a look at how the wear bar works.

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How to Use A Tire Wear Bar

Regularly checking the tread on all four of your vehicle’s tires can help identify any potential problems. It is important to check them at least once a month, as well as before and after long journeys. It is also noteworthy to know that your tires won’t wear out at the same time. The front of your vehicle carries the engine and does most of the steering work, so these tires at the front will wear out more quickly than the back two.

Tire wear bars are designed to help you gauge the health of your tires. They are indicator bars that are cut off at the lowest safety point on your tire tread. Put simply, if you check your tire wear bars and find that they are still intact and at their full length, then your tires are still safe for a while. If the tread aligns with the bar, then it is time to replace the tire. This simple marking on your tires gives you the ability to see at a glance, how safe your tires are.

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