Do you include tire checks and maintenance in your vehicle care schedule? Your tires are among the most important parts of your car. Like so many things that are vital to our safety, we don’t think about them too much until something goes wrong with them! However, tire maintenance is actually quite easy and affordable. Once you have fitted a good set of new tires, follow these tips from Tire World Exports to ensure you get the most out of them.

Top Tire Maintenance Tips

These care maintenance tips are quick and easy to carry out and can just become part of your daily, weekly or monthly checks on your vehicle. There are many kinds of tires, with different specifications and uses, as we have discussed in other blog posts. No matter which tires you are using these tips apply.

Top Tip for Tire Maintenance #1: Check Your Air Pressure and Wear Patterns

Once a month or so – or every time you stop at a petrol station to fill up – check the air pressure and tread wear on the tires. These are easy checks to do without going to professional tire fitters. Take note of the wear patterns to determine whether your tires might be out of balance or alignment. Check that the air pressure is in line with what is recommended for your vehicle. Take note of any considerable drops in air pressure in any of the tires, which could indicate a slow puncture.

Top Tip for Tire Maintenance #2: Check the Depth of The Tire Tread

Traction is one of the most important functions of tires and this decreases as the tread wears down. Tire retailers have special gauges to do this measurement. You can do it quite easily at home, however, with just a R2 coin. Insert the coin into the tread and take note of how deep it goes. The next time you take the measurement, note whether there has been any considerable reduction in tread depth.

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Top Tip for Tire Maintenance #3: Have Tires Rotated And Balanced Regularly

To maximize the performance and longevity of your tires, it is best to have the back and front tires rotated regularly to even out the wear. When you take your car for tire rotation, the workshop will normally balance and align them as well. This should be done every six months or every 10 000km, whichever comes first.

Top Tip for Tire Maintenance #4: Drive Carefully!

It sounds obvious but it it’s worth emphasizing. The life of your tires depends very much on your driving. Watch out for holes or bumps in the road surface and do your best to avoid them. Keep to a reasonable speed so you don’t have to brake suddenly. If you can, avoid damaged or badly tarred road surfaces.

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