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Hi Readers, it’s your boy – Stryker the Cat, back with some fascinating tire industry information. Did you know that South Africa has had long, steady and robust trade relations with our neighbour north of the Limpopo? Even as Zimbabwe’s financial crisis took hold, South Africa continued to export considerable quantities of essential commodities to the country. According to Trading Economics, South Africa is still the largest overall exporter to Zimbabwe, making up 39% of the country’s total imports.

A Closer Look at the SA/Zim Tire Trade

When it comes to tires, South Africa still holds a considerable amount of Zimbabwe’s market share. In 2018, it supplied around US$18 million of tires to Zimbabwe. Although this is not an insignificant amount objectively speaking, it is well below the amount we supplied in 2011, which totaled US$35 million. Since 2011, South Africa has seen its tire exports to Zimbabwe progressively decrease.

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It should be remembered that Zimbabwe’s economy has been in serious trouble for many years and it would make sense that the country’s overall demand for goods would decrease. The demand for tires would naturally follow that trend. Cheaper alternatives, especially from China, have filled the gap left by the decrease in the number of premium South African products. Zimbabwe’s imports of Chinese tires pretty much equaled those of South African tires in 2018. Prior to that, South African manufacturers had held the greater part of the market.

Tire World Exports are Industry Leaders in the African Tire Trade

On the whole, South African tire manufacturers continue to trade with Zimbabwe – often on excellent terms – and the neighbouring country’s tire users still favour South African brands over those that come from the far east. Tire World Exports specialises in the export of South African-made tires to neighbouring countries.

That’s all from me for now, folks. For more information on the South African tire export, please feel free to contact us.

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