The auto industry goes through constant fluctuations as demand rises and falls with the movements of the global economy. However, the tire industry is a different story completely. As long as there are vehicles on the roads, there will always be a demand for tires. Opening a tire dealership is therefore quite a smart business move. Tire World Exports offer some advice, from a wholesaler’s point of view, on how to open a tire dealership.

5 Steps To Opening A Successful Tire Dealership

The tire business is booming, and it is not too difficult to open a successful dealership, provided you do your homework and plan well. Follow these five steps to get your tire shop up and running. Read our blog for more advice about the tire business.

1. Decide On What Kind Of Dealership You Want To Open

What kind of dealership do you want to open? Do you want to open a franchise in an existing chain of tire stores? Do you want to represent only one brand or stock a wide range of tire makes? Each of these options has its merits; you just need to decide which one is most suitable. Research the market in your area and the customer base you want to target. For example, if your neighbourhood only has one dealership that sells a particular brand, then selling alternatives from multiple manufacturers would be a good idea.

2. Pick The Right Location

Think carefully about the best place to set up shop. A busy location near car dealerships, auto supply stores or mechanic workshops and car service centres would be the most logical choice. A tire dealership needs quite a lot of floor space to accommodate your fitment workshop, reception, and plenty of storage room. So, you need to look for a large premises at a reasonable rental price.

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3. Get The Support Of Manufacturers/ Wholesalers

Tire manufacturers will be only too happy to help you sell their tires. Ask them for promotional materials that you can use in your store or find how to get them to list you as a priority or accredited dealer. Having the backing of a recognised brand (or more than one) will give you a great head start.

4. Invest In Marketing

Once you have set up your shop, marketing will be one of your most important investments. Work with a marketing agency to work out the best strategy to bring your business to the attention of the target audience. The best marketing strategies are carefully planned combinations of online and traditional tactics. As your agency learns about your business goals, target market and location, it will be able to work out and implement the best combination of tactics.

Stock Up On All The Tires Your Dealership Needs At Tire World Exports

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