tyron on a sports field and with other chefsAs a qualified chef and passionate South African, I have decided to use my spare time to start a soup kitchen from home in order to feed the men and women of MES homeless shelter in Hilbrow. MES (www.mes.org.za) is struggling due to the level 4 and 5 Covid-19 restrictions and needs support feeding homeless people who rely on MES for their daily meal. MES’s biggest contribution lies in their empowerment and rehabilitation of street people and cannot focus on this core input as food is scarce and a first priority as we head into the cold winter months.

About Me (Tyron Taplin):

I matriculated in 2016 from KES and supported the school as a prefect, head of house (Robinson) and in the first team rugby. Following this I attended Silwood School of Cookery and have since worked in Cape Town at the Potluck Club, Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia and under Wesley Randal at The Short Market Club. After being retrenched due to the global pandemic, I wanted to give back to those who do not have the same support network as myself. In my free time I enjoy fishing and cooking for my family and friends.

What I need:

· A fully equipped kitchen/ restaurant (Until such time I will be cooking from home)

· Raw ingredients / produce

· Sponsorship to buy ingredients

A private sponsor has donated enough money for a trial run to take place this weekend where I will see how feasible it is to cook for almost 200 people. I will send an update of my progress next week.

Receipt of Donations

We recognise that there may be concerns of depositing funds directly into any of our personal accounts and that you would like assurances that the funds are going to be spent as we have directed. To this end, we have engaged Brett Incorporated Attorneys, for them to manage the receipt of the funds and only pay out funds to those doing the shopping and where valid slips have been presented to them for reimbursement. In addition, to keep a proper record of deposits, they will require each donor to email them proof of payment and a legible copy of your ID. They will keep up to date records of all receipts, donor details and payments to those who do the shopping. Such reconciliation shall be available to all donors who require a copy of same. If a donor wishes to remain anonymous, this is also acceptable, but you will still need to send an email, attaching your proof of payment and provide a legible copy of your ID.

In such email, you are to please mark clearly if you wish to remain anonymous. The attorney’s trust bank account details are per the attached. All emails to the attorneys are to be directed to gavin@brettinc.co.za . This process may feel a bit tedious, but it is critically important to me that there is 100% accountability and transparency at all times.

If you can offer any other kind of support, I would love to hear from you – perhaps we can collaborate?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Tyron Taplin +27 (0)76 430 1264

Banking Details:

Name: Brett Inc
Account Number: 282441166
Account Type: Attorneys Trust Account
Branch: Rosebank
Branch Code: 051001
Reference: (Send proof of payment to gavin@brettinc.co.za)
Click this line of text to view Stamped Bank Confirmation Letter