How are you marketing your tire dealership – in store, online and through print advertising or whatever marketing channels you use? Are you finding your marketing efforts are successful? Tire World Exports offers you a guide to help you make your marketing more effective.

7 Top Tire Dealership Marketing Tips

Get your customers to notice your marketing content and guide them more towards a sale with these tried and tested auto industry marketing tips. Read our blog for more advice about the tire business.

1. Go Digital

You may think that a tire business can market itself perfectly well with in-store, street and print materials, but this isn’t true. Everything is digital – and we’re not only talking about the online space. Your in-store content will be much more impactful if it is delivered through multimedia, video and digital signage. The content can be purely promotional, or it can be educational. Both will help your sales efforts.

2. Educate About Tire Maintenance

Tires are essential to safe motoring and, in order to keep traveling without incident, car and truck owners must maintain, rotate and replace their tires as prescribed by the manufacturers and your sales team. Creating educational content around how to maintain tires is a great way to keep your customers informed, keep them safe, and promote yourself as a tire expert – one they’ll remember the next time they need tires.

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3. Repurpose Content

If content creation is too time consuming or costly for you (it isn’t really but there are times when it may appear to be) you can always repurpose existing content. You probably already have materials such as pamphlets, brochures, guides, videos. Kick off your content plan by turning these into engaging new videos and graphics for your website and digital displays.

4. Use A Referral Program

Make provision for satisfied customers to send more work your way with referrals and testimonials. This is something you can do predominantly through your website. Set up a reviews page and prompt your clients to write reviews.

5. Empower Your Sales Team

Visuals, especially through various digital media, enable salespeople to explain things more clearly to customers, which in turn, can lead to more sales. Equip your sales team with materials they can use to interact with clients, making the sales process easier for both parties.

6. Teach People How To Buy Tires

Help first-time buyers with content on your website and in-store signage that provides basic information on how to buy tires. This helps to alleviate stress for customers who know they need tires but are not sure how it works, what to buy and how. Together with your sales staff, your marketing content can help set your customers’ minds at ease and establish a customer/brand relationship.

7.Use Interactive Research Portals

Both on your website and in-store, use interactive portals to allow customers to research with content they can select and control. They can choose content that is relevant to their decision and you can help them close the sale by providing platforms that give them the information they need.

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