Sadly, hijacking is a very real and present risk for all motorists on motorways. This is especially true for truck drivers, in particular those transporting goods such as tires, which are highly in demand among crime syndicates. Tire World Exports offers some advice to help your drivers steer clear of hijackers on our roads.

Tips to Help You Avoid Truck Hijackings

Staying secure on long trips is mainly a matter of staying alert and taking all possible precautions. You never know when you will be targeted, so it is best to act as if you are always a target. This doesn’t mean you should live in fear, only that you should be proactive and take preventive, rather than reactive measures. Here are five tips to help drivers and truck owners to keep criminals at bay. Read our blog for more advice about the tire business.

1. Stay Alert

Most importantly, no matter what else you do, you must ensure that you stay alert at all times. While on the road, keep an eye on the behaviour of motorists around you. Look out for any vehicle that might be following you, as well as objects that might be laid in your path to force you to stop. When stopping at checkpoints, rest stops or to make deliveries, always assess your surroundings for any possible threats.

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2. Keep the Vehicle Locked

When driving or when you have stopped, keep your truck’s cab and cargo areas securely locked. Keep your windows closed but leave a 5cm gap at the top, which makes it more difficult to smash the glass. Be diligent about checking all doors when you stop and leave the truck, as well as when you get back on the road.

3. Follow Fixed Routes Known to Both You And Your Despatcher

It is best to stick to familiar, well-used routes with a relatively steady flow of traffic, so that you are almost always in public view. Resist the temptation to take back roads as these can make you an easier target. Always have alternative routes mapped out in case of traffic problems, but keep security in mind when choosing these routes. Always let your despatcher know which route you are taking so they know where to look for you if there is a problem. If you change routes, notify someone at your base of operations.

4. Park in Secure, Well-Lit Areas

When the time comes to park, either to make deliveries or to rest, choose well-lit parking areas where your truck is clearly visible – and preferably where there are a lot of people around. Criminals would prefer to operate where they can’t be seen, so by remaining visible all the time, you can secure a certain degree of safety.

5. Don’t Stop Along the Route – Especially to Pick Up Hitchhikers

Stopping to pick up hitchhikers is never a good idea – unfortunately for honest people who genuinely just need a lift. Stopping at the side of the road makes you extremely vulnerable, and criminals will often send a person onto the roadside to pretend they’re thumbing a ride, only to ambush any driver who pulls over. You should also be careful of boxes and other objects left in the road. They are often left there to cause damage to your vehicle and force you to pull over.

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