One of the most important things you have to do when purchasing tires for your dealership is ensuring you get quality tires. Tire World Exports provides you with five key tips to help you manage the tire acquisition process with reduced costs and increased efficiency.

5 Tips for Buying Tires for Your Fleet

When buying tires for your dealership, follow these five tips. Read our blog for more facts, figures, and advice about tires.

1. Balance Price and Quality

When you buy tires in bulk, you obviously want to get the best possible price. At the same time, as transport is vital part of our business, you also want high quality tires that will keep on your customers vehicles for a substantial amount of time before you need to buy replacements. Find tires that fit your customers budget, while also keeping quality in mind. Try to find a supplier that give you a good deal on your bulk purchase.

2. Choose the Right Types of Tires

Depending on what kind of vehicles you typically provide for, you will need to select specific types of tires. Make sure you have the right ones. You don’t want to buy excessive amounts of tires that aren’t popular in your area. For example, in a farming town you will stock more large tires than you would in a city.

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3. Shop Around

Don’t just go to one dealer and accept what they offer you. There is a very good chance you will find better prices and/or a better range elsewhere. Always check out several dealers and get a variety of quotes before you settle on your tire deal.

4. Buy Tires That Suit the Weather Conditions

Depending on where you are based, you may want to buy more tires that are specialised for specific weather conditions. For most of southern Africa, you can purchase all-weather tires. Elsewhere, you might need to get high performance tires. Do your homework and make sure you are equipped with the right kind of tires.

5. Have a Variety of Brands

People have different budgets, cars and preferences; therefore it is important that you stock a variety of different brands to choose from. Having a variety of brands gives your customers the opportunity to pick from the best of the best.

Stock Up on All the Tires Your Dealership Needs at Tire World Exports

Tire World Exports stocks all South African-manufactured tire brands for export. Contact us for more advice on the tire market and how to equip your fleet with tires.

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