Motorists across Africa are feeling the pinch in the midst of the current downturn. Unfortunately, no matter how bad the situation gets, there is seldom any relief when it comes to the fuel price. We could all do with some tips to lower our vehicle’s fuel consumption and lengthen the amount of time between trips to the fuel pumps. Tire World Exports outlines the four best ways to improve your mileage.

The Best Ways to Improve Your Fuel Consumption

As motorists, we all know that we can’t avoid refuelling our vehicles. However, we can take steps to ensure that we get the most out of very tank of petrol. Here are four tips you can follow to get improve your mileage.

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1. Check Your Tire Pressure

One important and extremely effective way to keep your fuel consumption low is to make sure that your tires are always inflated to the correct pressure. Not only does the right tire pressure ensure a safe drive in a roadworthy car, but a properly inflated tire can improve mileage by up to 3.3 percent.

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2. Check And Replace Your Air Filters

An old, clogged air filter can improve fuel economy dramatically – especially on older vehicles. It will also improve general performance and acceleration.

3. Check And Maintain Your Engine

An engine that is kept in good running order will always run at its optimal. Run your engine efficiently and take your vehicle regular services, and you will see a considerable improvement in your fuel consumption – up to 4 percent, in fact.

4. Use The Right Motor Oil

Making sure that you use the correct grade of motor oil for your vehicle can help you to improve fuel consumption by up to 2 or 3 percent. Research what motor oil is right for your car, or simply ask someone who would know, to avoid making this common mistake.

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