Tire World is a proudly South African company! Founded in 1993, we have a mission to put South Africa first and ensure that our products are known for quality and durability, throughout Africa and worldwide. We focus our efforts on quality, value, and reliability, putting the end customer at the heart of all of our decisions making.

Tire World Exports Are Passionate About Our Work

We have a passion for the business we’re in; we work with fantastic suppliers to ensure that the products we use and sell are excellent quality. We want our customers to feel secure in their decision to use Tire World, so we make sure that we offer the best prices and on-time delivery, every time.

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How We Put South African Products First

1. We are Proud

We’re proud to be South African and proud to be part of the great continent of Africa. We want to work with other incredible African nations to ensure that the automotive industries across the countries we work with have the best products and reliable service.

Ensuring those we work with get the best means we can help them grow. We play our small part in the wider web of the world and we take that very seriously. We will always work with you to ensure that you get the best possible deals every time, no matter your location.

2. We See our Customers as Partners

Our success is your success. Your success is our success. We really mean that, too. By ensuring that you have quality products, we can make sure that we play our part in your success story. For that reason, we don’t just see you as someone to sell to and close a deal with. We see you as a business partner — someone who’s patronage is vitally important to us.

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We understand that delays and poor service can have a negative impact on your business — we don’t want that — we want to see you thrive. For that reason, we ensure that you get top-quality service and a top-quality product, every single time.

3. We Focus on Reliability

The African tire market is a booming industry with a focus on product reliability and longevity. We’re proud to be seeing a roaring trade in African tires beating their European counterparts in popularity.

For this reason alone, we know that it’s important that you have not only a reliable product but a reliable service. We track our shipments and have a whole team dedicated to logistics to ensure there are no delays and hold-ups. With global threats like financial issues and coronavirus, our logistics team are working even harder to ensure you get the best possible services.

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Whilst many nations are focused heavily on price reduction, we know that a reduction in price is only good if it doesn’t mean a reduction in quality and reliability. We want to give you the best deals, but only if it means you’re getting the best quality product for your money.

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